January's single origin

Happy new year.

Thank you for your many orders last year.
All our staff will make an effort to deliver delicious coffee to you this year as well.

Now January's single origin has arrived.

This month, we selected beans from three countries: Brazil, Dominican Republic and Rwanda.

This is recommended for those who want to try a bit of each.


January's 3 kinds of single origin

Brazil Zaroca
It has a bright acidity and peeling like juicy orange. Still, it has a rich flavor so it is recommended to combine it with milk or even in black.

Dominican Don Pepe Winnie Natural
A coffee with an impact derived from the Dominican Winnie process. It has a strong flavor and a good balance of taste, and you can feel weenie, berries, grape juice, and plums. Recommended for those who are looking for unique coffee.

Rwanda Huyer Mountain Rwanda Well
Feel tea-like, apricot, cherry and brown sugar. A well-balanced with moderate acidity and gentle sweetness. Black is recommended as it is.